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My Menopause

Hi, my name is Livia Francis.
My menopause journey
was pretty horrific at the beginning.

Back in 2012, I had no understanding that at 42 my body would become fully menopausal. I felt totally fatigued, with muscles that were achy and drained. I suffered night sweats that lead to insomnia which in turn lead to brain fog. I remember being incredibly overwhelmed. I was constantly fighting for more sleep to cope with my "normal" busy life. As a result, my relationship fell apart. I continued to strive to be the best mum I could ( as we all do) and stay alert and productive at work, but I was struggling to cope. I wouldn't want anyone to go through those experiences, yet every day I see women suffering in the same way. 

my mission

Menopause Lifestyle Solution was created through my 30+ years of experience in the health & fitness industry and 9 years as a competitive athlete. I knew I could help women through this difficult, traumatic, and confusing stage of their lives. I have created a space for women to access resources, support one another, and gain the essential knowledge they need to navigate through what can be an extremely difficult time. My mission is to help women take control of their menopause journey and lessen symptoms through an easy-to-follow programme of food choices and intelligent exercise. The aim is to reduce and manage weight, release endorphins and elevate mood, as well as addressing issues such as bone density, posture, strength and flexibility. From beginners through to experienced exercisers, my affordable and accessible programs are for everyone.

Now it's your turn!

Much love, Livia x

Menopause Symptoms

Research shows around 85% of women experience hormone symptoms in the first year or two of perimenopause. These occur due to oestrogen levels dropping.


The perimenopause is the transition into menopause, it usually starts for women in their mid 40’s but in some cases it can start in their 30’s. The average length of perimenopause is around four years.

90 day plan

Join me on a 5 day challenge

Reduce menopause symptoms

Gain energy 

Reduce hot sweats

Sleep better 

Lift your mood

Stabilise your body temperature


Menopause Podcasts

Catch up with me Livia Francis in my series of podcasts as I talk anything and everything to do with the Menopause! 

Livia Francis Personal Trainer at The Me

We help women take control of their menopause journey through an easy-to-follow programme of diet and fitness.

Learn how to lessen your menopause symptoms with our 90 Day Programme and take back control of your body.

Menopause Lifestyle Solution

Taking care of your health

Food Choices

Food choices are key to reducing your Menopause Symptoms find out how we can help you.

90 Day Plans

The first step in your journey to a happier, healthier menopause with tailored, supported plans.

Success Stories

Real women who've followed the Livia's plans and changed their lives

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