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Welcome to Fitfreedom 90 Day Plans hosted by Menopause Lifestyle Solution

Manage your menopause journey and lessen your symptoms so you can feel body positive again with our carefully curated diet and fitness programme run by menopause expert, Livia Francis.

There are 3 plans to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We recommend starting at the beginning and working through the plans. The Beginner Plan will teach you the exercises to enable you to work out independently, the Intermediate and Advanced classes are for women who have completed the beginner Plan, or are more experienced and familiar with the exercises (resistance training).

All the plans are easy-to-follow programmes designed to empower you to take better control of your menopause. The recipes are nutritious yet simple to prepare, whilst our series of fitness videos have been developed to specifically address both the symptoms and health implications menopause can have on our bodies.

Sign up to one of our 90 Day Plans and you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access the work outs, meal plans, motivation guides and our dedicated members-only portal.

Whilst we undergo a beautiful re-brand we can't wait to share with you, the Fitfreedom 90 day plans will be hosted here - don't worry you are in the right place!

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"What I absolutely love about her (Livia) since I've been working with her, is that she looks absolutely gorgeous, she's incredibly realistic and is working with our bodies, acknowledging the age we are and still giving us fantastic physique's."

"She realises the issues we face as women going through certain phases in our lives"

"She understands we need a different type of exercise to get the same results."


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