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Menopause Policy for Business


A menopause policy should be as commonplace as a maternity policy. The Government is starting to recognise this and will put legislation in place to ensure businesses have a duty of care to menopausal women. Now is the perfect time to act and demonstrate that your business is responding to the fastest-growing demographic in the workplace.

We can help businesses looking to introduce support to female employees in the form of workshops and ongoing advice to supplement your menopause policy.

We have created an informative workshop to help support and inform your staff on how to cope with their symptoms. Bringing this menopause policy and support to your team will not only help to make them feel supported but as an organisation, you will see a reduction in absenteeism.

It was reported in the Guardian that women have seen their careers ruined by menopause symptoms such as anxiety, confusion and loss of confidence. Some have faced disciplinary action and many have been forced to take time off, while others have sold their homes so they can afford to work part-time or stop working altogether. The workplace cannot afford to lose these highly-skilled, experienced women and their valuable contribution. 

10% of women over 50 quit their job
as their menopause symptoms are too unbearable for them

Workplace Menopause Workshop


This half-day workshop will focus on food, exercise, mental health and medical treatment and will be led by experts from the industry.

It allows businesses and their employees to open the menopause debate in an open and engaging, non-threatening way.

The workshop will focus on positive ways to manage the menopause by providing employees with the right tools to manage their symptoms. This will empower them and increase their confidence when facing menopause. The results of the workshop will improve productivity.

We adapt each workshop to suit your organisation and run it the way that compliments your organisation's culture.


  • Improved ability to cope with symptoms

  • Increased wellbeing

  • Improved productivity

Download our workshop pdf for more information

Workshop outline:

  • Information on food choices and exercise to reduce symptoms

  • Gentle, menopause specific exercise session – optional to participate or observe

  • Managing the psychological aspects surrounding menopause

  • Expert advice on medical support available for managing symptoms

  • Better understanding of our bodies during menopause

  • Actions that YOU can take to reduce symptoms of menopause

  • Q & A discussion space

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