Food Choices

Nutrition, food choice, diet, the latest quick fad to weight loss. Which one to resonate with the most?

Throughout the years of creating food plans for clients and athletes, I have always been aware that food habits are ingrained. To change nutritionally weak food choices to more effective choices it requires us to find a way to avoid carvings and therefore overeating. The key, as I see it, is to include the foods that love twice a week but actually timetable into your week  when you will have a meal of your choice. This in turn will prevent carvings. I will also help you to keep on track.  It will produce more leptin, an appetite suppressing hormone,  which will help you maintain a higher metabolism in the long run.

Your body needs foods that it can use as fuel, the help your digestion, that boost your energy. Plus your skin will look radiant! A whole food nutrition plan will lift your serotonin levels, this is a hormone that is partly made in the gut lining, meaning; if your food choice is poor you are less likely to feel positive. So let’s make some small changes that will compound over time and make a huge difference into the future. Welcome to a happier menopause!

90 Day Plan

Alongside nutrition Livia will create you a personalised exercise plan.

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