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Menopause Symptoms

Since starting the menopause I have suffered with many of the common symptoms associated with the menopause such as hot flushes, night sweats, weight gain and mood swings. However, every woman is different and what is bad for one may not affect another at all.

Research shows that around 85% of women experience hormone symptoms in the first year or two of perimenopause. These occur due to oestrogen levels dropping.

Up to half continue to have them regularly, even after menopause. Why? Falling oestrogen levels cause a woman’s ‘thermoneutral’ zone to narrow – this can cause sweating to be triggered at lower temperatures and dilation of the peripheral blood vessels, which also increases heat.

When anxious or stressed, perimenopausal and menopausal women also release slightly higher amounts of the stress hormone noradrenaline, which increases body temperature and hormonal hot flashes.

Here are some of the most common menopause symptoms I've come across: ​

menopause symptoms allergies
menopause symptoms cellulite
menopause symptoms hair loss
menopause symptoms panic disorder
Menopause symptoms muscle tension
menopause symptoms burning mouth
menopause symptoms anxiety
Menopause symptoms Digestive Disorders
menopause symptoms irritability
menopause symptoms libido
Menopause Symptoms Osteoporosis
menopause symptoms dizzy spells
menopause symptoms electric shocks
Menopause symptoms increased cortisol
menopause symptoms bloating
Menopause Symptoms Breast Soreness
Menopause symptoms Stress Incontinence
menopause symptoms brain fog
menopause symptoms heart palpitations
Menopause Symptoms Itchy Skin
Menopause Symptoms Mood Swings
Menopause symptoms Tingling extremities.jpg
menopause symptoms memory lapses
menopause symptoms Bad Breath
menopause symptoms migraines
Menopause Symptoms Body Odour
menopause symptoms disruptive sleep
menopause symptoms brittle nails
menopause symptoms depression
MM - Hot Flushes.jpg
menopause symptoms joint pain
Menopause Symptoms Night Sweats
Menopause Symptoms UTI's
menopause symptoms Vaginal Dryness
That's a lot of symptoms to deal with. Hopefully you won't suffer from them all but it is unlikely that you will escape them all. 
There are certainly things that you can do to reduce your menopause symptoms such as looking at your diet and exercise routine. 
Read more below.


My plans are tailored to menopausal women with a focus on reducing symptoms through healthy food choices and exercise.


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Natural Remedies

We take a look at the most popular natural remedies to help reduce menopause symptoms.

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