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Menopause Symptoms - Anxiety

Why do we become anxious in our menopause?

Well, its to do with the fluctuation of your estrogen and progesterone. Peri-menopause generally causes unexpected anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. These are very common symptoms of peri-menopause. You may suddenly find yourself having general feelings of nervousness, maybe newfound social anxiety or full-blown panic attacks.

I remember the peri-menopause caused me to have feelings of total overwhelm which lead me to worry more. Mainly because of the onset of a number of other symptoms taking hold simultaneously, such as night sweats, headaches, fatigue, aching joints and muscles and lack of energy to do the simplest of tasks. Incredible how overriding each symptom can be!!!

Exercise of every kind is great for general mood and wellbeing and lessening your anxiety. Relaxation techniques can reduce stress & may help control your anxiety. Sleep will certainly help you cope with anxiety Food choices are essential in your ability to lift your mood. Excellent gut health is contributed to mental wellbeing. Vitamins and supplements can help to control your anxiety. Speak to your Doctor if anxiety symptoms are unsettling or overwhelming.

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