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Menopause Symptoms - Tingling Extremities

Why do we suffer tingling extremities during menopause?

Tingling extremities is another lesser-known menopause symptom that most women are unaware of. I suffer from a tingling in my right foot which comes and goes monthly. It's a tiny area of the foot and seems to correspond with my estrogen days only ( I am on HRT) During the progesterone phase it just disappears! What about you?

Top tips to help with Tingling Extremities:

So, why do we have tingling sensations? Well, our skin changes and our nerves are affected by hormonal changes. Women may experience dry skin, oily skin, itchy skin ( known as Pruritis ) Pins and needles or tingling or pricking sensations (known as Paresthesia ) Some women also experience a sensation described as like having insects crawling over the skin, this is known as formication. So what can we do to ease these symptoms? Always speak with your GP. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, get more sleep, take your supplements - vitamin B, C and E, Omega 3. Try deep breath work or mediation, start exercising creating more blood flow to the hands and feet, improve you food choices, drink more water, stop smoking, physio therapy. Do look into hormone therapy to! It is advisable to research all options yourself.

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