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Fatigue in menopause

Yes fatigue is another symptom of the menopause and you’ve probably guessed the main cause which is the change in hormone levels. As oestrogen levels fluctuate so will your energy levels, making you feel exhausted and unable to go about your day. 

This can be very frustrating so here are some suggestions which will help reduce fatigue.


Probably the last thing you feel like doing when you’re suffering from fatigue but research has shown that regular exercise actually helps boost energy levels. Try walking, cycling, swimming or join your local gym. If you’re not used to exercising start slowly and build up gradually. Whatever your level take a look at my YouTube channel for some inspiration.


Although you may be reaching for the double expresso to perk you a bit, caffeine actually heightens menopausal symptoms, so you should be looking to reduce your intake of both caffeine and alcohol.  

Peckish? Then reach for banana’s, blueberries and nuts and make sure you include lots of leafy greens in your diet. Portion size is also a key factor, if you eat a large meal just before bedtime, this will sit in your stomach, which is hard to digest and can make it difficult for you to drop off. Stick to little and often. 

Stay hydrated, remember the body composition is on average 60% water and mild dehydration can cause moodiness and fatigue. 

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can trigger fatigue, so make time for yourself each day. You could try a relaxing sage bath, yoga or meditation. You can take a look at last month’s blog for some recommendations. 

Sleep routine

Hot flashes and night sweats can often lead to a bad night’s sleep and this contributes to fatigue. Establish a good sleep routine by going to bed and getting up in the morning at the same time. Aim to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night.  

All of these will not only reduce fatigue but they also help reduce many other symptoms of the menopause, if you would like advice on your nutrition and exercise please contact me.

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