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Success Stories

I found Livia on one of the menopause groups, thank goodness! I had lost some weight but wasn’t feeling great as everything was wobbly and I felt tired most of the day. I knew it was hormone related (peri menopausal). I started the 90 day plan, because it’s everyday with 2 days off, it suited my lifestyle, so I could switch the days off to suit. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and now find I miss it on my days off! (Never thought that would happen!). People have commented recently that I had lost weight and I looked great. I feel energised and fit (first time for awhile I’ve felt like that). Thank you Livia, you’ve been a lifesaver x

Melanie Langley, September 2020

"I can't believe that because of you and the support of the Wonder Women I'm coming out of lockdown with a new and improved body, not reached the final destination yet, but much closer to it and enjoying the journey xxx"

Maria from Hove

Metro Interviews Carol Harrison: 


What’s your secret for staying in shape?

"I do some Pilates and I’m currently doing a regime for The Thunder Girls tour with a woman who specialises in fitness and health for the menopause. I recently did a detox where I cut out sugar, alcohol, caffeine and dairy."

You can read the full article here:

Image courtesy of Metro 

Carol Harrison and Menopause Nutrition S
Menopause Nutrition Testimonial.png

So in the last week of my plan, I would like to add some input. My aim when I first spoke to Livia Francis was not of weight loss, running my own health management programme for years and competing I needed a specialist to help me with alleviating menopausal symptoms. My doctor had told me she wasn’t going to prescribe HRT as a performance enhancer and only to alleviate terrible symptoms I was experiencing whilst training and competing hard in Regattas. I admit I was sceptical that Livi's programme would alleviate these symptoms rather than HRT to help my sporting activities. 

All the above being said I have immense will power and a commitment attitude - so I thought I’d give this a go - the criteria included to eat enough not to lose muscle mass. Well leading up to the end of the programme I can honestly say not only have I lost 1 stone but underneath all that weight loss my muscles have consistently remained the same as has my visceral fat - equally I can report that all my symptoms such as migraine, bloating, cramping, hot flashes, moodiness has gone !!! I am blown away - now to start winning races and increasing power in the boat at a ripe old age (which is never

a number but a feeling) of 51 - I sincerely hope all you ladies and gents on this programme are experiencing similar results and more than happy to answer any questions on my journey if anyone has them.

Lastly I know you’ve got to the end so apologies for a lengthy post - it’s hard to compact such incredible results into a brief summary 😃 and I would like to thank Livia xx

Before and after images from 30 day clea

“Livia, I am going into week four of my first ever food programme. I have to tell you that I really did not expect much as my menopause has made me so low and my body looks awful from years of rubbish eating and again letting go as the menopause weight piled on my middle. My mind is so much clearer and I feel I have more energy and am more positive. I also realised it has been at least a week since I had a hot flush at all. It had gotten so bad my face and hair would soak not flush I honestly thought that the menopause had ruined me and that the plan might help but it SO HAS.”

"So I am delighted to share my news with you. I have gone from a bloated, sluggish tired 11st 4lb to 10st 5lb. I have lost a total of 10.5 inches!! 3 inches from my waist alone which I am delighted with. At 52 I thought it was all over but my hourglass figure is back. Thankfully only 1/2 inch from my boobs. I feel energised alert and happy. I’m falling asleep by 10pm rather than 2am as I was stuffed with sugar laden foods. My night sweats have diminished and I wake up in the morning fresh and ready to smash the day ahead. I am going to continue with the meal replacement powder as it makes me have a breakfast and lunch of sorts with many nutrients. I will not go back to sugar as I am not craving it at all and why would I? I’ve enjoyed the gluten, dairy, soy, wheat etc ban and I’m going to continue. With an under active thyroid, pernicious anaemia and the menopause I really thought I was doomed to be overweight and like a sloth. Nope , I’m bouncing buzzing and totally aware of my bodies do’s and don'ts. Thank you so much"

Menopause Nutrition System 30 day cleans

"So I have finally finished my food plan so I thought I would share my results with everyone!

I lost a total of 13lb, 4 inches of my waist and 1.5 inches off my hips!

I found the plan much easier than I thought it would be. My energy levels have been very high which is amazing considering I did very little exercise.

The last month has been one of the hardest times of my life as my mum has been ill and I have spent most of the time back and forth to hospital. Usually I would have turned to comfort food but I was determined to stick to the plan. I actually found the plan helped me to stay focused and took away the stress of deciding what to eat etc. I always carried nuts, apples and my fizz tea in my bag so I would never get stuck.

My clothes feel looser, I am less bloated, I’ve received countless compliments on how well my skin looks etc and my boyfriend feels like he’s going to bed with a new woman!!

I am going to continue with the plan sticking to the 80/20 rule. I am also going to incorporate more exercise into my life once everything settles down a bit in my personal life.

I would highly recommend the plan!"

"I'm almost 3 weeks into my plan and am really enjoying the benefits. I feel clearer and calmer in myself, am sleeping better, my bloated tummy has gone (it's always been bloated as long as I can remember!). I'm enjoying learning about nutrition, making space and time for myself, as well as generally being kinder to myself." 

"I recently lost 5 kilos in a month. I'm over the moon. I've gone from size 16 to a 12 jeans and have maintained this since. I've gained energy and look healthy. I can't tell you how much better I feel."

Hi Livia,

I have found your blogs and advice extremely helpful and interesting. I have always eaten fruit not realising I was eating the wrong ones. I have found that I feel a little better and will continue to choose wisely what I am eating. Honestly, I have not followed the plan 100 per cent, but, it has made me realise that being bloated is connected with what foods you choose to eat, exercise and well-being. I go on holiday on the 8th of July and was wondering if you could give me some advice on eating better on holiday. I would be extremely grateful. I would like to thank you for your support and encouragement throughout the challenge.

Didn't manage to stick completely to the 5 day challenge but implementing some of the suggestions have lead to me losing 3 pounds!!!! That's massive for me as nothing I have been doing has worked so far. I've cut my caffeine back, looked at my portion sizes and tried really hard to get a little bit more exercise. Onward and upwards, don't give up. X

At the age of 34 I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. At 35 I had to have hysterectomy due to the endometriosis spreading through my body. I was plunged into the menopause overnight. I didn’t really take much notice to be honest after all I was just aged 35, but year on year my body was changing & not for the best. I had scar tissue.  It was ugly & I was putting on weight. I had IBS. I was constantly bloated. I was losing the battle. By the time I had reached fifty years of age I was five stone overweight. My scar tissue was now a real issue for me. So much so I wanted to have plastic surgery. I looked in the mirror one day & thought I can’t go on like this. I was miserable, alone & felt completely unattractive.

Then in October last year I discovered Livia Francis & I went on a food plan!!  I had to try something.  I had nothing to lose. I was so determined this time. I can honestly say I never looked back. I lost just over half a stone in the first two weeks. Nine months later with Livia’s amazing food & training plans I have lost four stone. My IBS has disappeared, my scar tissue, ashamed to say was fat & is on its way back to looking like a normal scar ( No plastic surgery for me ) !! In September 2019 I am going on stage to compete in a body transformation body building competition, I wouldn’t even look at myself in the mirror 12 months ago. I can’t speak more highly of the plan & Livia Francis, it has truly changed my life in so many ways & saved me from many health problems.

30 day cleanse success story Dee.jpg

You don’t have to think about anything really. Livia sorts everything out for youThe support is unconditional . I have never felt so at home doing something I dreamed I never would have to do.  If you do one thing for yourself, DO this, I promise you, you won’t ever look back!

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